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Vedantu's CBSE Science PCM Tatva Practice Books for Class 12 (Set of 3 Books)

Vedantu's CBSE Science PCM Tatva Practice Books for Class 12 (Set of 3 Books)

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"Vedantu's CBSE Science PCM Tatva Practice Books for Class 12 (Set of 3 Books)"

is a comprehensive and essential resource designed to help students excel in their Class 12 CBSE studies. These practice books are meticulously crafted by subject matter experts, keeping in mind the specific requirements of Board exams.

Key Features:

Concise Theory with Topic-wise Concept Videos: You can scan QR code to get conceptual videos on each topic and clear your concepts Effectively

Topic-wise Exercises with PYQs: Get PYQ Questions from all topics in the exercise section of each chapter.

Solved Examples: Each chapter contains detailed solved example of all the important topics of the chapter.

Conceptual Clarity: Complex topics are broken down into easy-to-understand explanations. The books emphasize conceptual clarity, ensuring that students not only solve problems but also comprehend the subject thoroughly.

10,000+ Problems with Solutions and Tips: Throughout the books, you will find insights and tips that are specifically geared toward CBSE preparation. These insights will help students align their studies with the CBSE examination pattern and expectations.

      Number of Book: 3

      Number of Pages: 906

      Class: 12

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      Customer Reviews

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      Gowtham Raja
      Exceptional Experience with Vedantu Tatva Books

      I recently had the pleasure of exploring Vedantu Tatva books, and I must say, the experience exceeded my expectations in every aspect. From the quality of the content to the seamless delivery process, Vedantu Tatva has truly set a high standard for educational resources.

      First and foremost, the books themselves are nothing short of amazing. The content is comprehensive, well-organized, and engaging, making learning an enjoyable experience. Whether it's the clarity of explanations, the depth of coverage, or the inclusion of interactive elements, Vedantu Tatva books cater to the diverse learning needs of students with precision and finesse.

      What impressed me even more was the exemplary delivery experience provided by Vedantu. Despite being located in a remote area, I received my order promptly and in pristine condition. However, I encountered a minor issue with one of the books being torn upon arrival. But here's where Vedantu truly shines – their customer service is second to none.

      Upon notifying them of the issue, Vedantu promptly addressed the issue and arranged for a replacement without any hassle. The efficiency and professionalism displayed by their customer service team were truly commendable, and it reaffirmed my trust in their commitment to customer satisfaction.

      In conclusion, my experience with Vedantu Tatva books has been nothing short of exceptional. Not only are the books themselves outstanding in terms of content and quality, but the seamless delivery process and exceptional customer service further elevate the overall experience. I highly recommend Vedantu Tatva books to students and educators alike, as they undoubtedly represent the epitome of educational excellence.

      Five stars without hesitation!

      Warm regards,